As long as teachers become slaves of books or any written materials or get turning themselves out to be morbids of such these materials, how could students be expected to acquire or make the use of target language?teachers gotta unchain their fallacies and get past their laziness and stop whining or tangling up in making excuses…..



English is teachable on the grounds that Learners are willing and aware of what they are involved in and exposed to…


There could be many definitions refering to success, on which millions of dolars or a great amount of time is allocated.let technical approach on this matter alone, feeling comes to forward in the frame of living it, which means it gains values when it is shared with your beloved.otherwise you would be a king having conquered a country without anyone around you as if you were at the top of a pyramid which only accomodates a single joy only outcome.however a success can not be put down to a result.

Proficiency level exam for 8th graders to promote to high school in turkey

8th graders are sitting an exam dealing with promoting to high school generally in Turkey by taking different subjects such as turkish , science , maths, social science and foreign language tests. Although our students are too young to take tese exams,there is no escape for them to avoid tests which are applied during the students’ educational life just like horse races.which one is valuable?quality or evaluation?…


Valentine’s day

Since the begining of the life of mankind, love has had a great deal of influence  in every aspect given its role in nature by sometimes bringing either joy or desperate. The issue of bearing love is just hidden in the essence of the fact that a drop longs for reaching its beloved ocean and a light longs for reaching its beloved sun, which describes a sort of journey into your inner side that leads to your heart where the soul and a blow of The God resides. In order to shun and duck all tasks or daily anxieties that turn people’s lives into wrath and tedious states, it is advised to clear and purify your heart daily, where The God goes on occupying and stays with you.