My Teaching Philosophy

Upon beginging to learn English Language totally, I was a sophomore at high school and then my primary aim was to communicate in the fields of writing and speaking by linking with different cultures. However , the way I was exposed to during the learning process did not reflect my needs and expectations due to the fact that teaching had focused on rules and drills for the purpose of reinforcing teaching points.
In the frame of this type of teaching way , it is obvious that you can not address the changing vibe of the world on account of learning and teaching’s having direct effect within life.It is essential that learners should capture liason between their aims and their target language in the shape of laying the foundation of their own language style which will be fed by both mother tongue and target language. By the way, I believe that the concept of target language may not be a part of language acquisition in the view of 2nd language learning.
Over my career, I have observed two types of students in the reference to their approaches to learning depending on their motivation. One type is fit for students of knowledge, who are inclined to use knowledge in order to reach mechanical targets such as success in exams or having a good sense of a major or landing a safe job. The other involves ones of conscious who tend to acquire knowledge and manage to change it to behaviour or trait , and finally characterize this process in themselves as an individual in a community by being aware of how to tap and monitor the teaching according to their yardstick.The former type is mostly seen on desks in our classes. As to me, the concept or name of teaching language should be changed and a new concept should be coined to evoke the talents and qualifications in our students regardless of the mindset of a lesson or course.That’s why,In order to entrench language learning awareness, I believe that learners internalize between points which they are exposed to and their motivations. Upon seeing coherence and link in the process of internalizing, learners get attempting to make the use of language and finding a place for themselves to express in the field of 4 skills such as writing, reading ,listening and speaking.



Mustafa YAVAN

Address Details: Mevlena Mh.716. Sok.Dicle Öğrenci Yurdu Yanı Atakum/SAMSUN

 Personal Identity Info:

 Date of Birth                                      :18.01.1980

Place of Birth                                     :Samsun

Sex                                                     :Male

Nationality                                         :Turkey

Maritial Status                                    :Single

Military Service                                  :Completed

Phone Number                                   :0 532 708 54 82

Email Address                         


Job Objectives:

 -To Work in a challenging and prospective position in order to utilize and improve my professional career in your educational institution.

 -To obtain an oppurtunity to prepare the learners for attending English Language –based-Programme Universities and enable them to not only acquire but also dominate English Language.

 -To develop my professional teaching strategies and skills.

 -To tap talents of learners in field of language skills such as writing ,reading, listening and speaking.


Educational Details:

 -Tulay Basaran Anatolian  High School,Samsun

 (4-year educational curriculum including 1-year prep.grade and then 3 –year high school curriculum)

 Entrance and Graduation of Dates 1994-1998


-19 Mayıs University,Samsun

 Educational Faculty of Foreign Languages Department

English Language Teaching Division

Entrance and Graduation of Dates:1998-2002


 Relevant skills:


– 13-year work experience since I was sophomore at various  private coaching centers , a state school and private schools.

 -Teaching English Language in line with all levels ranging from Elementary to Advanced groups , particularly covering the teen and grown ages.

-Specialized in preparing learners for exams involving English Language such as Proficiency Level Exam for State Employees, English Language Exam For University Entrance.

-Tapping the computer programmes in the process of teaching.To illustrate,Microsoft Word,Excell,Power Point Computer programmes

-Specialized in DynEd Programmes ( an applied teaching English Language based on computer programmes)

 -Translating any document from English to Turkish or vice versa by being Certified English Language Translator of 3rd  and 5th Notary Public in Samsun

-Attending workshops and meetings depending on “Learning and Teaching Organizations” sponsored and held by Dogan CUCEOGLU, Evrim CALKAVUR, Yavuz DURMUS

-Having 95 scores from” Proficiency Level Exam For Public Employee-2007 May Term

-Setting plots for theater plays .

-Conducting activities to be held in ‘Conversational Clubs’


Work Experience:


1999-2000 : Ekol Private Coaching Center,Samsun

 -Tutoring English Language to the age groups involving 12-14 in the accordance with 6th-8th grades.


2000-2001 : Pyramid Private Coaching Center,Samsun  

Tutoring English Language to the ages involving 12-14 in the accordance with 6th-8th grades.


 2000-2013 : Image Translation Office,Samsun

 -Still working as a Certified English Language Translator of 3rd and 5th Notary Public in Samsun.



Sep,2005-May,2006 The Career Center Foreign Language and Computer Private   Coaching Center,Osmangazi and Gorukle/BURSA

 -Tutoring English Language for adult groups by hinging on level-based programmes.


-Preparing examinees for Proficiency Level Exam of Public Employee

 -Conducting the activities in “Conversation Club”,which is organized for all learners.


Nov.,2004-July,2005 Commander of Gendarme Schools,Beytepe/ANKARA

 -Lecturing English Language to the ranked officer staff between  Intermidiate and upper-intermidiate levels amid my military service as a 3rd Lieutenant


Sep.,2002-June 2006  Karapınar Primary School of National Educational Ministry,Yıldırım/BURSA

 -Teaching English Language to the age groups involving 9-14 in the accordance with 4th-8th grades.


July 2006-June 2007 Meralcan Private Schools, Atakum /SAMSUN

-Teaching English Language to the prep., 9th, 10th and 11th grades  

 -Preparing students for Foreign Language Exam of University Entrance in the high and science school department.

-Working as Dyned advisor in order to guide learners to benefit from and study the system as users at both school and home.


 June 2007-June 2009 Final Private Schools Atakum/SAMSUN

 -Teaching English Language to the prep., 9th, 10th and 11th grades

 -Preparing students for Foreign Language Exam of University Entrance in the high and science school departments.


2009-2010 Zirve Private Coaching Center /SAMSUN

 -Preparing the examinees for Proficiency Level Exam of Public Employee


2009-2011 Durusehir Private College /SAMSUN

 -Teaching English Language to the grades ranging from 7th to 8th grades

– Bearing the title of Department Head of Foreign languages Division.

-Preparing the examinees for SBS Exam in the area of English Language  (Proficiency Level Exam For High School)


2011- ………. Bahcesehir College /Samsun

 -Teaching English Language to the grades ranging from 7th to 8th grades

-Bearing the title of Department Head of  Foreign Languages Division

-Preparing the examinees for SBS or TEOG Exam (Proficiency Level Exam For High School)







-Retired Lecturer in Educational Faculty of English Lang Department at 19Mayıs University

-Owner of Yaprak Book Store Corp.,Samsun

-Cetified English Language Translator

– Head of Foreign Languages Department at SES College

Phone Number:0 532 412 96 10




-Head of ForeignLanguages Department of Educational Faculty at 19 Mayıs University

Phone Number:0532 482 04 14


Assistant Professor Kemalettin ERBİLGİN


 -Ex-Owner of Private Meralcan Primary and High School,Samsun

Phone Number:0 532 335 50 01


Bülent AYGÜN


 -French Language Teacher at Ankara TED College Phone Number: 0555 315 79 99


 Cengiz KARACA


 -Geography Teacher and Director of Executive Board of Samsun Final Private Schools and Coaching Center

Phone Number:0 532 362 84 46


Prof.Metin EKER


-Lecturer in Fine Arts Department of Educational Faculty of 19 Mayıs University

-Dean of Educational Faculty of 19 Mayıs University


Phone Number:0 544 654 51 50


3rd Notary Publics of SAMSUN

 Phone Number of: 3rd Notary Public : 431 05 63


5th Notary Publics of SAMSUN

 Phone Number of 5th Notary Public:234 02 62


Mehmet YAVAN


-German Language Teacher and Certified German Lang.Translator

-Owner of Image Translation Office

 Phone Number:0 533 385 42 98- 0 362 432 11 66  

About Me

Everything in The North is honored as long as there is effort and struggle in your life.That’s why ,I am honored by choosing my path extending to my career as a teacher in the frame of my general philosophy ,which means “Strength and Honor” so as to stand up against all storms of troubles like a giant plane tree.
All battles are defeated by soilders and in the photos of victory are generals.As a teacher, I stand by students over the battle of learning.
I have been with my students around 12 years since I was sophmore at 19 Mayıs University located in Samsun,Black Sea Region. Over my career life, I have led my army to new challenges in the light of English Language as a contibution to their lives depending on the exceptional priviledge of reaching where they want to commmunicate, settle down or landing a promising jobs.
As you appreciate , what you know about a language is just a drop in an ocean.Therefore, I,as a teacher, need to improve myself in ordet that I should be equipped with better and more nascent qualifications and methods to reach out all students in different levels and turn the target language out to be a part of their lives as a life style rather than a learning point.
You may find my ideas,essays,sharings and in sum anything about English Language in My Teaching Portfolio.
Welcome to my page and Stick to watching me:))))