About Me

Everything in The North is honored as long as there is effort and struggle in your life.That’s why ,I am honored by choosing my path extending to my career as a teacher in the frame of my general philosophy ,which means “Strength and Honor” so as to stand up against all storms of troubles like a giant plane tree.
All battles are defeated by soilders and in the photos of victory are generals.As a teacher, I stand by students over the battle of learning.
I have been with my students around 12 years since I was sophmore at 19 Mayıs University located in Samsun,Black Sea Region. Over my career life, I have led my army to new challenges in the light of English Language as a contibution to their lives depending on the exceptional priviledge of reaching where they want to commmunicate, settle down or landing a promising jobs.
As you appreciate , what you know about a language is just a drop in an ocean.Therefore, I,as a teacher, need to improve myself in ordet that I should be equipped with better and more nascent qualifications and methods to reach out all students in different levels and turn the target language out to be a part of their lives as a life style rather than a learning point.
You may find my ideas,essays,sharings and in sum anything about English Language in My Teaching Portfolio.
Welcome to my page and Stick to watching me:))))


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