Masks we are obliged to wear

As teachers, we have different worlds that harbor our lives.When you take a step into your class where you meet your children, you are expected to turn theri heads to you or bring something new to them. That’s why, you are are surrounded by obligations that you should be alive and lovely. However, you may not reflect this spirit to yourq own kids in your classes due to the fact that you come across the events that get yourself involved desperate or pain. You may feel like not taking breath in the life. Under this circumtances it is too tough to resurrect yourself. how could you get over this since you are regared as the general, hero or priencess in the eyes of your students?Wearing masks disolves the matter. thanks to expereince year by year, you become good collectors of masks which always reflect the happiness and hope in different shapes.when you finish your job in class, all of your children leave class by showing their gratitude to you. Then, you become alone with your wrath after this good-bye ceremony . You take off your mask and look at yourself inte mirror. The fact just stands against you. The only thing left for you is just doing nothing but just a stare at you with questions…


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