Lesson Plan #1

Lesson Plan#1
Teacher: Mustafa YAVAN
Main Aim: By the end of the lesson, sts will have learnt to use ‘Future Tense’ in the frame of ‘will’ under the use of predicition.
Materials: Sts book ‘Activate B1’, power point presentation, projector, costume for fortuneteller
Anticipated Problems:
Sts can not percieve the pictures precisely.
The computer system does not work
Suggested solutions:
In case of any technical problem,flash cards or pictures extracted from magazines should come in handy.
Teacher: Mustafa YAVAN Date:27.12.2013 Lesson Period:40 minutes Level:Intermediate-8th graders Age: 14
Stage Aims Procedure Interaction Time Materials
Warm-up Asking assitance to show up the slide involving scenes indicating the future time like flying cars,sci-fi building designs and directing questions to sts to evoke the future concept.
Set the scene:Showing pictures and asking sts to describe the pictures: T: What do you see in the picture? S:There is a man and a peel of banana.
T:What is the man doing? S:The man is walking towards it.
T:and then what will happen?
(‘Will ‘form and actions have been stuck on the board )T demonstrates the answers here as a model.He will slide and fall down.
The same is followed by T for 3 following pictures and sts are initiated to make sentences in the use of prediction
Introduction of Grammar :Jumbled cards including words are stuck on the board and asking sts to order them by considering the picture. ‘travel/joe/to/Canada/will/week/next.
Sts:Joe will travel to Canada next week’
Same picture is presented to students in the way of the fact that there is a cross which means negative form.to illustrate, Joe wont travel to Canada next month.Followingly same picture is presented in the form of interrogative form.To illustrate ‘Will Joe travel to Canada next week?’
A couple of pictures are put upon slides in this way.STS can practise them through visuals .sts can work in pair.
Materials:Cards / pictures

Sts are shown a picture of fortuneteller.
Asking sts about meaning of fortuneteller.
Explaining to sts in terms of role play activity.
Sts are divided into pairs.One is the fortuneteller and the other is costumer to learn what 2014 will bring him or her.
Taking 10 minutes out for themselves to prepare dialogue during their performance.
They can take assitance from the teacher amid the process of preparation.
While-speaking:Sts,by turn, act out their performances in the presence of their friends.
They are videotaped by teacher.
Materials:Costumes,Sts’own materials ,camera
Post –speaking-Assessment:
Their performances are watched by sts and they are asked to find ‘will’ structures in positive,negative and interrogative forms out of their speeches.
Evaluating whether these sentences comply with grammatical rules in structural scope.


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